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Deutsch: Die hier aufgelisteten SVGs wurden mit dem W3C Validator geprüft und für valide befunden. Sie folgen damit dem vorgegebenen Standard.
English: The SVGs listed here were checked with the W3C validator and have been found valid.
Español: Esta categoría recoge los SVG validados por W3C validator.
Français: Cette catégorie recense les SVG validés par W3C validator.
Português: Esta categoria contém ficheiros SVG validados por W3C validator.
How to mark images
Mark valid images with {{ValidSVG|o}}, or better with either {{Image generation|…}} or

See also the table in SVG created with ... templates

Every SVG file uploaded to Wikimedia Commons should show
  • how it was made: use template {{Inkscape}}, {{Adobe}}, {{HandSVG}} or whatsever
  • whether it is W3C valid or not: set the appropriate parameter to the template, e.g. {{Inkscape|v}}
You should check the appearance and the validity before you upload the file; use the tool
If you are not sure or want to see first how librsvg will render your file, upload it to Test.svg.

This current hopelessly overcrowded category is intended to become a MetaCategory not containing any single file.


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